Ben Teegarden recorded VALLEY session at Gallery 111

The Valley 9.2 from The Valley on Vimeo.

From the Valley:

Collaborations between visual art and music seem to be on the rise in our area, with new events popping up every day. Students at UW-Stout have created a venue for this with Gallery 111, a new art space in Menomonie, Wis. Ben Teegarden, who I’ve known from the open mic circuit in Green Bay, has been active in the creation of the gallery, providing tracks for a benefit album and playing at the opening. It made sense, then, to film where he would be comfortable.

The space at Gallery 111 is artistic itself with a large picture window, a beaten wood floor and vast white walls. Ben played three tracks, each adding some instrumentation as we moved to bigger rooms. Artists and collaborators gathered in the main room, awaiting entertainment that would take the stage in the evening and pounding in the final nails needed for preparations.

-Thom Fountain

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